Never miss an opportunity to go back to Lower Sabie and Olifants!

There was a reason I dedicated the previous two posts on de Wets Wild to Lower Sabie and Olifants, two of the most popular camps in the Kruger National Park. That is because I had the opportunity to visit both camps again earlier this week, and now that you have been introduced to both destinations we can all just sit back and enjoy some photos from this latest trip. Here’s hoping you enjoy the gallery as much as I enjoyed putting it together!



47 thoughts on “Never miss an opportunity to go back to Lower Sabie and Olifants!

  1. Erika

    Dries, I like your Zebra, reflections at the waterhole. Thanks for sharing. Giving us a quick ‘breather and a let’s pretend we are in the bush’ moment.


    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      In Kruger the camps are all safely surrounded by electric fencing, Teresa, so you can walk around at night with a flashlight and look for nocturnal critters, like bushbabies and scorpions!

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