Waterhole meeting

There is always something interesting to see along the Mphongolo River, north of Shingwedzi Rest Camp, and the final afternoon of our recent visit to the Kruger National Park delivered another memorable sighting in this area. At one of the few pools remaining in the rived bed, and with temperatures peaking at a sweltering 40°C, a large herd of elephants and an equally sized herd of buffaloes were converging, and jostling for position at the water and mud (with the elephants obviously winning the contest). Hiding in the middle of the pool was a single crocodile, probably hoping and praying that none of the behemoths notice it!


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22 thoughts on “Waterhole meeting

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  2. prior2001

    Such fun pictures – gorgeous nature – and the photos of the single elephants has a jostling and jovial feel so those are my fav of this post – but what a cool park!!


      1. prior2001

        Well not a park we have access to here in the states – oh and I love the colors in the back of the animals – the shapes of their bodies were illuminated almost like a half silhouette –


    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Die swak kondisie van heelparty seekoeie veral het ons opgeval, langs die standhoudende riviere is die graslaag al baie uitgedun so hulle moet ver weg van die water wei. Nie mooi om te aanskou nie, maar tog ook deel van die natuur se siklusse.

      Liked by 1 person


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