Careful now, that’s quite close enough!



This buffalo, seen at Pafuri in Kruger National Park, made it abundantly clear that we shouldn’t venture any closer…

Careful” is the theme for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge

48 thoughts on “Careful

  1. Dan Drews

    If ever an expression said ” don’t mess with me”, this one captures it perfectly. Great photo. You do indeed live in a gold mine of wild life. The grey squirrel in my back yard just sits there and mocks me! Thank you.

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  2. Pat

    Excellent choice for “Careful.” These are marvelous, fascinating animals, but they’ll go head to head with a Land Rover if the find it annoying. Best viewed through a lens. πŸ™‚

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Thanks very much Pat! Absolutely, you should give a buffalo all the space it needs. Some are placid, others less so. Luckily they’ll usually give you a sign or two that you’re coming too close…


        1. de Wets Wild Post author

          Ons sou moes “reverse” dat dit bars! Snaaks genoeg is ons in al die jare wat ons Wildtuine besoek nog net een keer deur n buffel gestorm – gewoonlik gee hulle mens vroegtydig n waarskuwing, soos hierdie een gemaak het, en as mens dit respekteer eindig als goed.



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