Kamberg tranquility

This morning, we awoke to beautifully clear skies here at Kamberg.

Kamberg 02-05-2015

We also learned just how quickly and unpredictably the weather can change in the Drakensberg; within half-an-hour of this photo being taken it was completely overcast!


43 thoughts on “Kamberg tranquility

  1. true2crusader

    Great shot even it was not a test. Our weather can be the same …rain soon followed by a cool breeze and sunshine. But not as warm. Tks for dropping by and your comments.


    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Likewise, thank you!

      Winter’s rapidly closing in on our part of the world now, and the dusk-to-dawn period is getting unpleasantly cool, especially in the mountains. But that’s not going to keep us in the city, or indoors for that matter!

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  2. scrapydotwo

    Almal sê dis n pragtige foto. Ek moet ook sê dis n awesome WOW foto. Die refleksie is perfek, die bergdele, grassies voor en alles is net op regte plek gesny. Tien uit tien.


    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Mag wees! So baie name van die plekke hier rondom roep in elk geval die Britse eilande in herinnering: Nottingham Road, Highmoor, Glengarry, Balgowan…



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