Glossy starling in Lower Sabie

A quick sojourn to Skukuza

Roughly two weeks ago I was invited to Skukuza Rest Camp, in the Kruger National Park, and of course this was the perfect opportunity to mix business and pleasure again. Unfortunately Marilize and Joubert couldn’t join me on this trip, but instead I enjoyed the company of a colleague as passionate about the Park as I am.

We drove to Kruger on the Sunday afternoon and could enjoy the scenery and wildlife along the way from Phabeni Gate to Skukuza. It had been raining all day, and some more in the weeks prior to our arrival, and fresh, green growth was sprouting all over.

KrugerNP_Nov14 (1)

Despite heavily overcast skies, Monday afforded us more opportunity to experience the Park, before and after our important meeting of course. The rains heralded the start of the impala lambing season, and many other kinds of animals were getting into the birthing action too.

And then Tuesday dawned, with bright and sunny skies, but for us it was time to head back to Pretoria, via Lower Sabie and exiting the Park at Crocodile Bridge.

Nothing like an unexpected bush visit to rejuvenate mind and body! This last gallery sums it up so well for me; even such a short visit to the Kruger Park can deliver unexpected and very memorable sightings. While doing our walkabout at Lower Sabie Rest Camp, I came across this tree agama being irritated by a large ant…



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26 thoughts on “A quick sojourn to Skukuza

    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Ek werk in die toerisme afdeling van die Nasionale Parke AJ, en af-en-toe kry ek kans om in die Parke te gaan werk, hoewel meeste van ons de Wets se besoeke suiwer net vir vakansie is 😉


        1. de Wets Wild Post author

          Dis nogal moeilik om te konsentreer op die vergaderings as jy die wild en voellewe oor die voorsitter se skouer sien buite verbyloop. Gelukkig maak die hekke nou in die somer al 04:30 oop in die oggende, en maak eers toe 18:30 saans, so daar is darem tyd om te gaan verken voor en na ons die raadsaal binnegaan.


  1. Julia Manuel

    Wow. Gosh I hope to visit SA one day…a veritable feast of Beautyfull creatures and people. Thank you for sharing your view ☺ and Many thanks for visiting my new photo blog! I’m honoured. Blessings, j


  2. joannesisco

    You have so many wonderful photos in here … but the lazy lioness is my favourite. She’s a very large version of the lazy furball I have at home. That belly is just begging for a rub … although I for one would not be tempted to try it 😉

    Liked by 1 person


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