What a way to end a day

29 April 2014, Orpen Rest Camp, Kruger National Park

We had a long drive southwards today, moving from Shingwedzi to Orpen Rest Camp in the central Kruger National Park. A long drive, but richly rewarded, with sightings of hyena, jackal, lion, elephants (including big tusker Masthulele), various antelope, warthogs, zebras, giraffes, baboons and monkeys.

And to cap off our day, a splendid cheetah sighting at sundown…


Orpen 29Apr2014




19 thoughts on “What a way to end a day

  1. SPFischer

    Just stunning! I can’t imagine what it is like to see these beautiful animals in the wild. My biggest thrill where I live is seeing deer crossing the road. Not quite the same thing πŸ˜‰


    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      An absolute privilege to encounter special animals like these Stacy, and even those deer of yours! It’s wonderful that there still are some remnants of nature all around us in quite different parts of the world!

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  2. M-R

    Indeed a wonderful, not to say FABULOUS day !! I believe I’ve actually heard mention of Masthulele on TV somewhere – d’you think that’d be right ? Would he be in documentaries ?


  3. kanzensakura

    Wow. I love cheetahs. here at the Richmond zoo, a cheetah gave birth to six cubs! it was so exciting. A “cheetah cam” was installed so people could see them growing, being fed, etc. Last month, they were big enough that they and their mom were allowed out of the restricted area and into the general area. they are so gorgeous. and when they run….incredible. it has been such a joy watching them grow and now playing with each other, playing with balls, rough housing with their parents. The area for the cheetahs is a natural area. People are kept a distance but can still watch them closer on a screen in an area that several cameras broadcast too. They are such beautiful creatures. it is a joy to see them.



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