Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve, February 2014

The Blyde River Canyon in the Lowveld of South Africa s the world’s third biggest canyon, and one of our country’s most diverse and scenically spectacular conservation areas.

BlydeCanyon_Feb14 (24)

We had the pleasure of spending four nights at Forever’s Swadini Resort during our recent visit to this beautiful area. The resort has all the amenities you’d associate with a family destination of Swadini’s calibre, yet there’s no feeling of being removed from the natural splendour that completely surrounds it.

Several easy-to-follow trails meander through the enchanting riverine forests around Swadini and it’s not difficult to forget all about time and the daily rat race while exploring these unique surroundings. Be sure to visit to the nearby Blyderivierspoort Dam, where you may join a cruise on the Dam’s deep waters and encounter hippos and crocodiles, or have a picnic at the viewpoint that overlooks the watery expanse.

We’ve dedicated several other posts to the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve – have a look here if you’d like to learn more about this fantastic destination. It’s one of our favourite South African wild places, and when you visit you’re sure to fall under its spell as well.



15 thoughts on “Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve, February 2014

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Thank you very much Vee dC!
      That’s actually a giant moth – about the size of the palm of a hand – with very elaborately shaped wings. When it flies, it looks just like a falling leaf!


  2. mjculverphotography

    Fabulous scenery. I can honestly say I’ve never been there. It’s so nice to be able to view all this beauty through your wonderful posts dear De Wet family. I especially love the fungi. They reminded me a lot of those found here that I keep photographing. The Kudu is another of my favorites. Gorgeous rock and water images take me back to the beauty that is Africa. Spectacular and awesome. Not a single rock to be seen here in Florida. Wishing you all a safe and peaceful weekend.



    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Thanks very much Joey!

      Glad we could show you a new part of South Africa. The Blyde River Canyon is such a special place.

      We hope you and Marks have a relaxing weekend too!


    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Hi Liz!

      Yes, only the Grand Canyon and Fish River Canyon is bigger (deeper and longer) and they’re both in desert areas, making the Blyde the biggest “green” canyon on the planet. It’s such a beautiful and diverse area that, in my view anyway, it deserves national park status!



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