We really do appreciate it immensely when people take the time and effort to let us know that they find de Wets Wild appealing, often also nominating us for one or more of the selection of blogging awards in circulation. Unfortunately these awards mostly don’t quite fit with our theme here at de Wets Wild, and in consideration of the many readers who’ve signed up to our blog that aren’t from the “blogging community”, we’ve decided to no longer dedicate special posts to awards whenever a fellow blogger is kind enough to honour us with a nomination.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate these generous souls promoting de Wets Wild to their own friends and followers, and everyone else that contribute to our blog through their warm, encouraging comments. And so we’ve decided to dedicate a special post to some of the very special friends of de Wets Wild, whom we hope will accept this as a token of the high regard and appreciation we have for them all.

Hop on over to these talented bloggers’ sites and enjoy seeing the world through their eyes (and camera lenses!)

And again, a big THANK YOU to everyone that’s given de Wets Wild a “pat on the back” along the way!

  • Joey and Marks Culver of MJCulverPhotography have become such dear friends of us de Wets that it feels as though we’ve known them forever. You’ll have to search long and hard to find two people more passionate about photography, and their passion and talent translates into some of the best monochrome photographic work you’ll ever come across. Feast your eyes on these examples: Starburst Tree and Frosty Florida Trees.
  • PieterK515 is a fellow South-African blogger, sharing his hilarious views on our country, the world and the people in it on Ah Dad…. Want to know what Pieter thinks of tattoos?
  • Ann-Christine is a prolific blogger with a faithful following of her blog Leya – have a look at the photographs in her post “Travel My Way” and you’ll understand why!
  • Christiane van Heerden does community work in South Africa and her one blog, Bridging Worlds showcases this passion of hers. Her other blog, Traveler’s Log is all about the beautiful destinations she visits with her precious family.
  • Elizabeth Turner is the talented blogger responsible for Dot knows! where she shares the most beautiful nature photographs – just look at these bee photos!
  • On I Am Safari Maurice Hovens shares some fantastic wildlife photographs, and I found his series from the Netherlands’ Oostvaardersplassen, including his post on Konik horses, especially interesting as it gives a glimpse into the Europe that existed long before humans appeared on the scene.
  • For a truly inspirational blog, you need not look further than Steve Rebus’ iChristian. Start with his “About” page and work you’re way from there!
  • Ilargia64 blogs from Spain and is another fantastic photographer – this shot of hers of an owl in flight speaks volumes!
  • Maralee Park is another genuinely talented nature photographer and she showcases her work on Through my lens, this shot of a beautiful river being an excellent example.
  • My Wall is the place where talented Imelda shares her poetry, short stories and beautiful photographs with the world
  • You’ll find a wide variety of photographs, from planes and memorials to birds and animals, on the Photographic Journey of Bulldog, but they all have one thing in common; like these photographs of our winter-blooming impala lilies they are all beautiful!
  • The Seeker is just the place to go if you are looking for all things spiritual and philosophical. Go have a look around, you”re sure to be inspired.
  • Traveling Marla is originally from Pennsylvania and she finds herself near Pretoria these days, though it seems she’s been almost everywhere in between. You’ll love her quirky writing and the beautiful photographs that comes with it. This short piece on Klipspringers will give you a good taste of what Traveling Marla has in store for you.
  • Willem Kruger is an award-winning South African photographer, and for good reason: Look at this photograph of his showing a yawning leopard!

58 thoughts on “Appreciation

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  2. derekevens

    Appreciate the kind words and mention in the “de Wets list”. Your dedication in posting an inspiration for me, keep up the good work.


  3. Imelda

    Thank you very very much for your kindness. 🙂 I always enjoy visiting your blog because it brings me the beauty of Africa, a place I can only dream of. 🙂


  4. Jane Lurie

    Hello de Wets! Thanks so much for your kind acknowledgement of my blog. Yours is an inspiration and education about South Africa which I’ve enjoyed immensely. I appreciate your personal approach to recognizing your fellow bloggers and I look forward to many more interactions along the way.


  5. Amy

    I’m honored to be on your list. Thank you for putting so much effort to educate us the beautiful nature of South Africa. Looking forward to learn more 🙂


  6. ledrakenoir

    I follow with very great pleasure the well and interesting written stories and wonderful photos excellent captured from the South Africa area – a part of the world which during long time have been on my to do list… 🙂

    Thanks a lot, I really appreciate with pleasure that “de Wets Wild” is mentioning “Le Drake Noir”… 🙂


  7. Beauty Along the Road

    Thank you so much for including me in your Appreciation post! I, too, have decided not to accept any awards and I really like how you have found an alternative to give back to your fellow bloggers without causing us any more work….:-)
    Keep on blogging and bringing us those beautiful wildlife pictures.


  8. Playamart - Zeebra Designs

    hey from the lunch table!
    thanks so much for tipping your keyboard in this direction.. you’re so kind to take the time to put this post togetther and acknowledge all of us!
    i’ve one more week of hit and miss internet and hope to be home and seeing what everyone’s been doing – soon!



  9. aj vosse

    Snaaks genoeg is die rugbie nie hoog op my agenda nie… iets te doen met elke keer as ek kyk verloor die Bokke… 😉
    Nee, ons jongste verjaar… dis omtrent 5 graade C maar dit stop ons nie… (lees more…)
    ‘n Paar ou wolkies skrik ons nie weg nie!! 😛


  10. aj vosse

    Thank you friends!! Once again you have come up with a great idea and passed on praise! Dankie julle! I’ll definitely get going on your list… some folks I know in the sphere but others will add to the pleasure of friendship! Weer eens… baie dankie!!

    Die vuur brand… net nou braai ons!! 😉 Ek sal ‘n glaasie lig vir julle! 😛


    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Dis ons plesier AJ Vosse en ons bedoel dit opreg as ons se dat ons jou ondersteuning waardeer!

      Daar gaan nie dalk n rugbywedstryd in Cardiff saam met daai braai vanaand nie? ;-). Geniet dit!

      Hier in Pretoria pak die onweerswolke saam, kans vir braai vanaand lyk maar skraal…



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