A different point of view

Photographing through a binocular lens will (probably) not give you a coffee table book quality image, but if it gives you the extra reach to prove your black rhino sighting, like this one of ours some years ago in Ithala Game Reserve, I think it’s worth the try ;-)!

Another point of view

An unusual point of view” is this week’s photo challenge from  WordPress

18 thoughts on “A different point of view

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  5. mmhhovens

    It’s definitely worth the try! You are right, it might not give the most incredible shot but sometimes you just had a great sighting and want to share it. First time I learned about this technique was in Khao Yai National Park in Thailand, where the guide grabbed my camera and placed it on his massive binoculars to film and photograph Great hornbills and Gibbons, species living high in thick canopy and difficult to spot. I guess this footage helped me to thick some boxes; Yes, sometimes I simply to ‘collect’ I guess…


      1. iAMsafari.com

        They are actually not too bad, decent size although a bit grainy… I guess it tells more about the quality of the camera we had at that time. The guide carried the binoculars and tripod as standard equipment.
        Especially the monkeys foraging in the tree are interesting. I really have to dig them up again. Apart from the photo’s it’s the moment that counts most; the excitement, location, sounds, humidity, leeches 🙂



        1. de Wets Wild Post author

          That’s almost how feel as well Maurice. We certainly don’t consider ourselves professional photographers by any means; it’s more about what the image depicts than the picture itself.

          Would love to see those pictures of yours on I Am Safari 😉


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