Exploring South Africa’s wild places is always nicer when the experience is shared with good company!


Pictured here is Joubert and his friend Louw getting acquainted with one of the bushbuck that have found a safe, predator-free home inside Letaba Rest Camp, in the Kruger National Park.

“Companionable” is this week’s photo challenge from WordPress

35 thoughts on “Companion

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Hi Joey and Marks!

      It’s wonderful seeing Joubert enjoying and appreciating our natural heritage as much as we do, and so wanting to share it with his friends. We’re very fortunate to be staying where we are, to give him opportunities like these.

      Hope you’ll have a great weekend dear friends!


      1. mjculverphotography

        Hi dear De Wet family,

        It is extremely hot and humid every day now. No relief in sight for the upcoming months.

        You’re definitely fortunate to be where you are. The best part is that you know, love and appreciate all that Africa has to offer.

        I’m so happy that Joubert is growing up there and not here. The freedom to enjoy nature without having to travel too far is a gift.

        Both of us always look forward to your posts even though we haven’t been very active here lately. Myself, obviously for the nostalgia it provides. Marks just loves learning about a country I grew up in.

        Wishing you all a beautiful relaxing weekend.



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  8. Marilize de Wet

    Ah.. now this photo brings back a lot of memories!! We could not tell who was more curious: the boys or the bushbuck!


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