I took this photograph of an elephant bull with widely splayed tusks just outside of Letaba Rest Camp on our way out of the Kruger National Park yesterday, after my brother Niel and I had completed the Olifants Wilderness Trail (more on our fantastic trail experiences to follow later!).


“Curves” is the current photo challenge from WordPress

21 thoughts on “Curves

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      They’re such beautiful animals hey Joey? Few things as beautiful as a big bull on the move, the massive head held high and swaying from side to side as he strides with loads of attitude through the bush…


      1. mjculverphotography

        We just recently saw a National Geographic series on the Zambesi River. They showed a lot of jumbo and I have always loved them. Their sense of family and support is amazing to me and as humans we can learn a lot from them. They also showed a lot of the other animals that migrate when the rains start and the Zambesi floods the plains. Nostalgia for me to watch that and know that I grew up around those areas. Have canoed down the Zambesi River and dodged hippos and lived to tell the tale…..:-)



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