Great to start 2013 with a blogging award nomination!


Our friends Marks and Joey, fabulous photographers and bloggers at mjculverphotography, have done us the great honour of nominating de Wets Wild for the “Very Inpiring Blogger Award” – thank you very much again Joey and Marks!

The rules for the award:

* link back to the person who nominated you

* post the award image on your page

* tell seven random facts about yourself

* nominate fifteen other blogs.

Seven facts about us:

1) Joubert is named after my (Dries) late father – is there any better way to honour someone who has been a profound positive force in your life? Miss you Dad.

2) Marilize is a qualified travel professional, and she operates a successful business making reservations for the public in a variety of wild places across South Africa.

3) I (Dries) work for one of South Africa’s premier conservation agencies – a childhood dream come true!

4) I (Dries) am colour-blind.

5) We’ve made our home in Pretoria, but we are open to any opportunities to move permanently to any of South Africa’s wild places.

6) Our home language is Afrikaans.

7) We are proudly South African!

In turn we’d like to nominate the following blogs for inspiring us!

We’re still very new to blogging and already we’ve come across so many inspirational blogs that it is very, very difficult to narrow it down to just 15 – please don’t feel unappreciated if we’ve not mentioned you!

A Word In Your Ear

Canadian Hiking Photography

Cee’s Photography

Francine In Retirement


ilargia64 Reflections


life portOfolio

Lu’s Pix

Mirth and Motivation


My Wall


The Serenity Space

The Unwitting Traveller


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