I’ve blogged about my fabulous leopard sighting near Skukuza in the Kruger National Park during my visit in July of this year before, but couldn’t resist publishing another photo of that encounter here as entry into LetsBeWild.com‘s weekly photo challenge – this week’s challenge is wildlife and I think it fits the bill perfectly. Let us know if you agree please!

(you can click on the image for a clearer view)


Leopard near Skukuza, Kruger Park

We are thrilled that this entry was awarded an honorable mention from the adjudicators of LetsBeWild.com’s wild weekly photo challenge!


23 thoughts on “Wildlife

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      1. mjculverphotography

        Yes, I believe you’re right. Felines, both big, wild and smaller domestic have always had a place in my heart. You post some really wonderful images which bring back so many great Africa memories. I miss that place so much. Thanks as always.


      2. de Wets Wild Post author

        With every passing day I think we realise more and more how priviledged we are to be calling this country and continent home! I can only imagine the longing you feel.


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