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Rock Martin

Ptyonoprogne fuligula

A common resident in our part of the world, the Rock Martin inhabits rocky mountains, hills and outcrops, and has adapted to the built environment. They feed exclusively on flying insects and will even hunt at night around artificial lights.

Rock Martins form monogamous pairs and may breed throughout the year, though mostly in spring and early summer. They build their mud nests under overhanging rocks and even roofs and bridges. The parents take turns to incubate the clutch of 2-3 eggs over a 3 week period. The chicks remain in the nest for about 4 weeks, but even after they fledge return to the nest every night until they’re almost two months old before becoming fully independent. Outside of the breeding season they may roost in small groups on rocky ledges or against buildings.

in South Africa, Rock Martins are found in suitable habitat in every province. Beyond our borders they’re found as far north as Angola and Zambia. The IUCN evaluates its conservation status as being of least concern.