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Quiver Tree

Aloidendron dichotomum

(f.k.a. Aloe dichotoma)

The Quiver Tree is a kind of tree aloe growing in extremely arid, often rocky, areas with well-drained coarse sand as substrate. These hardy plants can live for 80 years or longer and grow to over 7m tall. Quiver Trees bear their bright yellow flowers in winter (June & July) and these are a favourite source of food for many nectar-eating birds and insects, and also baboons. Large Quiver Trees are a favoured site for the huge communal nests of the sociable weaver.

Quiver Trees occur only in Namibia and South Africa’s Northern Cape Province. Augrabies Falls National Park is one of the best locations in South Africa to see magnificent specimens of this unique plant in its natural habitat.

The San people hollowed out the branches of the Quiver Tree to make quivers in which to keep their hunting arrows, hence the name. The fibrous trunk was also hollowed out to use as a natural refrigerator for meat, vegetables and water.