Ground Agama

Agama aculeata

Ground Agamas are, as their name implies, largely terrestrial by nature, though they will climb into low bushes to bask in the sun or, in the case of breeding males (distinguished by the blue sides of their faces), to display or look out for rivals.

Ground Agamas live in a wide array of habitats, ranging from semi-desert to savanna. They feed mainly on ants and termites and the occasional beetle, and hide in short tunnels dug in soft soil, usually at the base of a bush or rock. These tunnels are also used by females for laying between 8 and 18 eggs in the summer breeding season. The eggs hatch within two months. Fully grown adults measure up to 10cm in length (excluding their tail).

In South Africa, Ground Agamas are found in all our provinces, though there is disagreement in the scientific community as to whether the population in Kwazulu-Natal belong with this species or rather with Peter’s Ground Agama (A. armata). Beyond our borders Ground Agamas occur as far north as Angola and the IUCN lists it as being of least concern.


12 thoughts on “Ground Agama

  1. carolinestreetblog

    I had one of these in my house the other day! I nearly jumped out of my skin and gave the bloukop such a fright, he almost did as well. He took off out the door. I love these lizards, they look stunning in the sun.

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