West Coast Attractions

Today, apart from exploring inside the West Coast National Park, we also ventured beyond its borders to some of the other attractions in the vicinity, such as the rugged and rustic Tietiesbaai and the fascinating West Coast Fossil Park.


12 thoughts on “West Coast Attractions

  1. wetanddustyroads

    Pragtige foto’s! Ek sien jy noem hierbo in die kommentaar van die wind … sjoe, ons het amper weggewaai by Elandsbaai! Maar dis nou die Weskus vir jou daai – en hulle se (die “hulle” is nou die weerkundiges) dat as die wind in die Kaap en Weskus waai, kry die res van die land reen! So, ons verduur maar die wind!!

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    1. DeWetsWild Post author

      Ons gaan Plaasmol maar op n volgende keer moet probeer, Aletta. Daar sal beslis n volgende keer wees! Vandag was ons laaste dag hier, more skuif ons weer aan. Hier in die Park waai die wind ook n kishou, het my amper bo van Seeberg afgewaai!

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    1. DeWetsWild Post author

      I think we’ve had all the seasons in the space of a few hours, Anne. From 37-degrees Celsius yesterday afternoon at 14:00 we dropped down to only 15-degrees this morning at 09:00, with a blustery wind so strong that I at one point couldn’t open my car door against it!



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