Banded Gold Tip Butterfly

Teracolus (Colotis) eris

The Banded Gold Tip is a common and widespread butterfly that can be found in corners of all South Africa’s provinces. While reaching their highest densities in forest and savanna, they have a wide habitat tolerance, avoiding only succulent karoo, fynbos and mountain grasslands. They’re very fond of settling on flowers, fluttering rapidly around them before landing, are fast fliers and usually don’t fly higher than 2m off the ground. Adults have a wingspan of between 4 and 5cm and are on the wing year-round, their numbers peaking in autumn. The larvae feed on the leaves of shepherd’s bushes.

This post was scheduled to publish while we are exploring two of South Africa’s national parks during the South African winter holidays. We will respond to comments on our return. Stay safe and well!


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