Satara Summer 2021 – Primate Romps

Every visitor to a game reserve in South Africa knows the “ooh’s” and “aaah’s” that are elicited during an encounter with the continent’s wild primates. These close cousins of ours are always a joy to watch, even if they can be quite naughty (especially when they’ve learned that humans equal feeding opportunities, so please don’t feed them). We were delighted to see some very large troops of Chacma Baboons around Satara during our visit in December 2021.

This of course presented wonderful opportunities to enjoy all their antics, and often from very close up!

The way they care for their babies is probably one of the most endearing characteristics about Chacma Baboons, even if the babies will struggle to win the baby photo competition at the local pharmacy…

Speaking about mothers and babies immediately brings to mind this loving mother Vervet Monkey and her young baby that we saw near Satara on the S100.

Of course, this is a very different side of the Vervet’s character from the pestering we witnessed them dish out to a pair of Water Thick-knees!



21 thoughts on “Satara Summer 2021 – Primate Romps

  1. Tranature - quiet moments in nature

    Wonderful images Dries and what fun to see these friendly primates. The close up of the baboon’s hand and the velvet monkey mother and baby photos are especially beautiful 👏

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  2. wetanddustyroads

    Ek kan hulle vir lank dophou en soms lekker lag vir hulle manewales … maar na ons kuiertjie in KwaZulu-Natal het ek gesien hoe stout hulle kan wees! Jy’t pragtige foto’s van hulle geneem – ‘n mens wil amper “ag moeder” se wanneer jy in daardie groot ogies van die kleintjie vaskyk!

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Dis jammer dat dit eintlik die mense is wat “stout” is om die ape in sulke moeilikheidmakers te verander. Dit kan n mens se vakansie-bui nogal omkrap as die ape in jou bungalow, voertuig of piekniekmandjie inkom en hulself help.

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  3. H.J. for avian101

    People always are pleased looking at primates. Of course they are wild and will act like any wild animals. They could be very destructive. Great photos, D. 🙂

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