Satara Summer 2021 – Bateleur Lunch

Bateleurs are beautiful eagles, and always attract attention from visitors to our Kruger National Park, one of their few remaining strongholds in South Africa. Being able to watch this one gulp down a Natal Spurfowl – feathers and all – that it had killed next to the road leading to Nwanetsi from Satara is another lasting memory from our visit to Kruger Park in December 2021.


26 thoughts on “Satara Summer 2021 – Bateleur Lunch

  1. naturebackin

    Such an interesting series of photos showing the Bateleur tucking into the spurfowl. The flight photos are remarkable, showing the strength in the legs and the power of the wings with the fascinatingly long feathers at the wing tips. The pics also show just how short the tail of a Bateleur really is!

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  2. Jane Lurie

    I always learn something new from your nature posts, Dries. What a spectacular bird! Your images show his strength, size and markings so well. That poor Natal Spurfowl (had to look at your link) but that’s the way of the natural world.

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