Summertide Diary: Exploring Addo (part three)

30 December 2020

Today was our last day in the Addo Elephant National Park, and that meant it was also the last day we had to enjoy with Joubert’s maternal grandparents and we all felt a little melancholy. It was a very windy day and most of the animals were hiding away from the gusts, so we decided to do an extended morning drive to the Ngulube and Harvey’s loop in the southern section of the Park, again taking a break at Jack’s Picnic Spot, and then spend the afternoon hours together in camp.

We enjoyed a wonderful final sunset over Addo, the clouds glowing red in the last rays of sunshine coming over the horizon. This is Joubert’s photo. The next morning there would be sad goodbyes as we left for Mountain Zebra National Park while Marilize’s parents returned home to Jeffreys Bay.

While we were enjoying our meal on the stoep that evening this Small-spotted Genet, picked up by our small camera trap, was (unsuccessfully) looking for leftovers of our braai (barbeque) just outside the little circle of light around our chalet.

If you’d like to learn more about the Addo Elephant National Park’s history and all it has to offer visitors, why not have a read through this post we compiled after our previous visit? And to follow along on our travels through Addo, you might find this map (from the SANParks website) most handy.Addo map from


22 thoughts on “Summertide Diary: Exploring Addo (part three)

    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      For the most part they’re not threatening to humans, though you do get the odd one that’s very temperamental (Aletta earlier told about her repeat experiences with one that just charged whenever it saw her) and getting between a sow and her piglets would be very ill advise. The other wild pig occurring in South Africa, the mostly nocturnal bush pig, has a much more savage disposition.

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  1. H.J. for avian101

    The Addo Elephant National Park has been very revealing, when it comes to animal relationships and behavior. Liked your three parts, very much. Dankie my vriend 🙂

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  2. anne leueen

    Some wonderful birds in this post. Their expressions are terrific. And the warthog. When we went to Kenya with our two kids many years ago our son, who was 12 , loved the warthogs. They were his favorites. Thanks for taking us on this excellent journey with you!

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