Summertide Diary: Arriving at Wilderness

20 December 2020 (cont.)

Even though we arrived at the Ebb-and-Flow Rest Camp in the Wilderness section of the Garden Route National Park under heavy skies, there was no reason to be gloomy. There’s no doubt that the Garden Route is one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa, no matter the weather.

There’s no containing our enthusiasm for exploring a destination once we’ve arrived and not even the threat of a downpour was going to keep us indoors while the expansive Ebb-and-Flow Rest Camp beckoned outside our log cabin, however comfortable it may be.

By now you probably know that we have a propensity to extend our explorations into the hours of darkness. Most of the camps in our national parks are safe to do just that and if you apply some common sense rules like walking with closed shoes you’re likely to be handsomely rewarded with some unusual encounters, like these we had on our first night at Ebb-and-Flow.

If you’d like to read more about the Wilderness section of the Garden Route National Park, please have a look at this special feature about it that we published a while ago.



28 thoughts on “Summertide Diary: Arriving at Wilderness

    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Luckily for the snake the owl was quite a distance further along the road, else he may well have been owl-spaghetti!

      I also thought the yellow bloom looks very “orchidy” and hope I get to a book shop or library as soon as it is safe to try and determine which kind exactly. Thanks, Tracy!

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