Summertide Rambles 3 January 2021

Sadly that horrible day arrived when we had to depart for home. Thankfully, as we were on our way to the Park’s gate this morning, Mountain Zebra National Park sent a delegation of buffalo to wish us well on our journey .


13 thoughts on “Summertide Rambles 3 January 2021

    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Thanks for the kind words, Carol. It really was vital for our overall wellness to get into the wild places of our country again after being “locked up” for so long. Hopefully we’ll be able to fit in another trip before the schools re-open.

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  1. Anne

    I know that sinking feeling of having to leave only too well. I trust you had a safe trip home, Dries and I wish you and your family strength to cope with the year as it unfolds. How marvellous to have built up a store of happy memories!

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  2. sustainabilitea

    That was thoughtful of them. However, when I saw “the horrible day” and first glimpsed the shot, I thought the buffalo had gotten stuck somewhere or broken a leg or something, so you “merely” having to leave didn’t seem as bad. 🙂


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