Watching a Common Moorhen chick grow up

Over the past several weeks we’ve been fortunate to watch the resident pair of Common Moorhen raise their chick at the little pond in the centre of our local Moreletakloof Nature Reserve.

We first noticed the parent pair with more regularity in late August, with the onset of warmer spring weather. Soon after, we had our first glimpse of the chick and since have returned to visit as regularly as we could – the dam always featuring on our hike at some point and usually we’re lucky to get at least a glimpse of the chick. The rate at which it has has grown is absolutely astounding and it will soon be independent of its parents.


31 thoughts on “Watching a Common Moorhen chick grow up

  1. Playamart - Zeebra Designs

    About a month ago I witnessed ‘three generations’ of Purple Gallinules mob one small ‘Common Gallinule’ (just like your Moorhen) — the little black baby broke away three times but eventually a juvenile caught it for the final time. They tore it into pieces, which made those beautiful birds not quite so beautiful any more…

    I will study our photos to see if there are any differences between your moorhen and the common gallinule. I know that one book says that they are often called moorhens here in the americas, but that’s wrong… hmmm, sometimes science can be ‘so’ precise!

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    Kosbaar om te sien hoe die outjie groei en oorleef. Hier is dit klein eendjies tyd. Die meeste oorleef nie want eende is mos vreemde kinder grootmakers. Hul het geen idee van om kleintjies veilig te hou nie. Dan is hul nog in bewoonde gebied waar enige viervoetige dier hul kan vang. Selfs die meeue sal die eendjies vang as hul kans kry.

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