A day in Pilanesberg: Hour 8

After lunch, getting back to the parking area at Rathlogo in the Pilanesberg National Park, we’re welcomed by a very friendly slender mongoose. Normally these animals are exceedingly shy, so this one’s unusual familiarity with humans, and in this specific location, could only mean one thing – that it is being fed by visitors to the hide (a practice that really does not do the animal any favours by the way and should be strongly discouraged).

We head north from Rathlogo towards the northern boundary of the Park, turning right just before the Bakgatla Gate to travel along a loop of the Moruleng and Korwe Drives and then back past Rathlogo to the Tau Link Road. With the rain letting up for a short while there’s a few more birds appearing in the open, though some of them are still so wet and scruffy as to be unrecognisable!

If you’d like to follow along as we explore the Pilanesberg, a map may come in handy (for a large format version click here)

Rathlogo Hide to Tau Link via Kgabo, Moruleng and Korwe drives

If you need to catch up on our drive through the Pilanesberg National Park, you can read all the previous posts here.

To be continued tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “A day in Pilanesberg: Hour 8

  1. SoyBend

    Cool shots of the mongoose! Sorry it’s likely being fed by visitors. I saw one in Hawaii last time I was there. They were introduced from India to control rats but have, unfortunately, destroyed a lot of the local wildlife.

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Actually the rains were beautiful to experience, H.J – remember we’ve just come out of our dry and dusty winter season and there’s nothing that smells as good as raindrops on African dust. And surprisingly the rain didn’t negatively impact our sightings at all – as Carol commented on another post in the series the animals were probably appreciating the first decent spring rains too!

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