Spotted Joker

Byblia ilithyia

The beautiful Spotted Joker is found in Africa and Asia. In South Africa they commonly occur in all our provinces with the exception of the Western Cape, inhabiting grasslands and dry, open savanna habitats. The larvae feed predominantly on plants from the genus Tragia, while adults gather on rotting fruit, faeces and mud. Adults have a wingspan measuring 4-6cm and are on the wing throughout the year.


22 thoughts on “Spotted Joker

  1. aj vosse

    Cool… more butterflies!
    The fact that these don’t occur in the WC has me thinking… are there butterflies endemic to Fynbos areas – adapted specifically to fynbos and related plants?


    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      It is actually astonishing just how many of our South African butterflies have Australian relatives that look very similar indeed – further proof I suppose that Africa and Australia were connected many, many years ago.

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