Mountain folk

There’s so much more animal life occurring in the mountainous habitats of the Royal Natal National Park than the butterflies we’ve already shown you, many of them wonderfully adapted to the harsh environmental extremes at these altitudes.




39 thoughts on “Mountain folk

  1. naturebackin

    These are gorgeous. Nice to be reminded of the lovely groundscraper thrush. I agree with Anne re Joubert’s photos of the guineafowl chick – so nice to see such a youngster.
    I hope you are safe where you are at home, and you are finding interesting albeit often tiny visitors to your garden. Take care.

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Thanks very much, Carol!

      We’re doing very well at home, and yes, we are taking great joy from our little garden and its inhabitants – my camera is lying right next to my laptop where I am sitting working from home on the stoep…

      I trust that you are all doing fine too and remain in good spirits and good health?


      1. naturebackin

        Glad that you are doing well and able to work from home – with your camera by your side.

        We are also doing well thanks. It can be hard not to be anxious about the future of our country and the world, but being anxious doesn’t change anything.

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      2. de Wets Wild Post author

        A little bit of anxiety keeps us on our toes and doing our best, but too much can be debilitating. Keeping the anxiety under control is difficult though when the news from “out there” is so horrible.

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      3. naturebackin

        You are right about maintaining a balance, but as you say it can be difficult in these tough times. I am limiting my news consumption to twice a day, and preferably not in the evenings, and it does help me not getting so overwhelmed.

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