Common Dwarf Gecko

Lygodactylus capensis

The Common Dwarf Gecko inhabits well-wooded savanna and thicket habitats, and have adapted very well to the urban environment in towns and cities throughout their South African distribution, which stretches from Kwazulu-Natal, through Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Gauteng and North West to the extreme north-eastern parts of the Northern Cape. Populations have also become established in towns and cities outside their natural distribution range. Outside our country they’re found throughout central Africa to Tanzania. They feed on ants and termites.

Cape Dwarf Geckos breed throughout the year, laying small eggs in pairs in cracks and under loose bark. Depending on the ambient temperature, the eggs may take between 2 and 5 months to hatch. Adults measure about 4cm in length, tail excluded.


39 thoughts on “Common Dwarf Gecko


    Hier is darem ook geckos. Iets interessants wat ek vandag gelees het. Hier is net twee soogdiere en beide is vlêrmuise. Daar was n derde soogdier, ook n vlêrmuis wat deur n polinese rot vernietig is na dit ingekom het met die eerste polinese inwoners/indringers.

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        Stem saam dis beslis n heel ander belewenis. Elke dag is daar weer iets nuuts wat oor my pad kom. Daar het juis nou twee Magpies(ingevoer van Australie) besluit om die omgewing hier te gebruik vir hul intimidasie.Hoop nie ek kom eendag te na aan hul nes nie want dis wanneer hul so kwaai is. Hul maak ook soggens baie vroeg n hele kabaal.

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  2. Beth

    I wish I could share a video with you of my granddaughter feeding one of these little guys. She waits for it to get into her hand before she gives it worms.


  3. Anne

    Another delight from you. Our garden is awash with these little characters – outdoors as well as indoors; from minute to mature; thin and fat. They travel up and down tree trunks, skitter across the walls – one even rode to the local shopping mall and back in my car!

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      1. de Wets Wild Post author

        The biggest shame is that so many people live so disconnected from the natural world around them. But we’ll show them the light, one-by-one, won’t we, Lois?


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