Satara Summer – Day 15 (2019/12/19)

Definitely one of the hottest and most humid days we’ve experienced here at Satara in the Kruger National Park since arriving two weeks ago, so we spent a lot more time resting in the shade (at Timbavati picnic spot, in camp, in the hide at the Sweni waterhole and the elevated view-point at Nwanetsi) and a lot less driving.

This picture I include just to show how tricky game-viewing can be, especially with the lush vegetation of summer. The speck right in the centre of the image is a lioness, seen from the viewpoint at Nwanetsi.



12 thoughts on “Satara Summer – Day 15 (2019/12/19)

  1. anne leueen

    The waxbill is such a lovely color and that is the most amazing centipede I have ever seen. I can spot the lioness in the center of the photo. Hefting around a really long lens would be an exercise in weight lifting and not suitable for your trip.I have one for photographing horse competitions and I have to mount it on a monopod. I enjoyed your photos very much.

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      1. de Wets Wild Post author

        Lovely overcast afternoon and evening here at Satara today and definitely a lot easier to cope with! At this very moment we’re enjoying the cool breeze next yo the fence, watching hyenas and impalas walking past. Still heaven on earth even with the oppressive heat.

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