Satara Summer – Day 7 (2019/12/11)

The first week of our summer at Satara in the Kruger National Park concluded with the sun finally putting in an appearance again after four days. All kinds of insectivorous birds and animals feasted on emerging termite and ant alates, while many different kinds of frogs were jumping at the opportunity to mate in newly formed pools of water and we de Wets took the opportunity to take part in a guided night drive.


21 thoughts on “Satara Summer – Day 7 (2019/12/11)

      1. puppy1952

        We had a safe trip to Kokstad where we are now visiting relatives. Tomorrow we leave for Plettenberg Bay wherever we will spend Christmas with our kids and grandkids. We will only be home after 5 January. We are the galavanting grandparents😂


  1. H.J. for avian101

    Seeing such a variety of animals makes me feel envious. What a job that you have! By the way, congratulations! For the South African Miss Universe. Great post my friend! 🙂



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