First time ever!

I have been visiting South Africa’s wild places for all my 40+ years, and yet there’s still many of their treasures I am yet to see. Following our September visit to the Kruger National Park I can now finally tick my first ever encounter with a leopard cub! We found the little one lazily watching the passing vehicles from a rocky outcrop along the main road between Tshokwane and Skukuza.

What luck!


39 thoughts on “First time ever!

  1. bestregardsfromfar

    That must have been such an exciting moment! Wow! I’ve done many, many safaris but never spotted a leopard cub. Such a great spot! Fingers crossed for my next visit to Kruger and Hluhluwe in February. Will share the photos on my blog as well 🤗

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  2. Anne

    Sharp spotting! That cub couldn’t have been easy to see – especially if you were first on the scene. It shows the value of driving slowly and keeping your eyes peeled for anything unusual.

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Indeed, H.J., the mom was lying very close, just behind the rock and for the most part out of sight. Leopard males take no interest in raising their offspring, that job falls squarely and only on the females.

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