We disappeared into the bush again…

But we are back now, fresh from another jaunt in the Kruger National Park. It almost goes without saying that there are lots and lots of photos to share and stories to tell over the next few weeks, so let us start off with a little gallery of pictures taken by Joubert to get you all excited for what is to come.


37 thoughts on “We disappeared into the bush again…

  1. puppy1952

    Oh, those photos do look amazing. It doesn’t look like we’ll make it there this year but will be going for 10 days including the Honorary Ranger’s Birding Weekend in February 2020.
    I am looking forward to reading all about your recent adventures.

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      1. puppy1952

        Yes – luckily we are retired so any time is good😊 This time we will be going with a group – so it’s fly ✈️ in fly out – Not Cheap! I will miss the caravan.

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  2. T Ibara Photo

    Joubert is a skilled photographer! They are all wonderful shots, and I especially love the hyenas. (In my humble opinion, I think hyenas are often misunderstood and misrepresented…) Wishing all your family a lovely week ahead!

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  3. H.J. for avian101

    Joubert is a “natural” he’s got the talent for photography, no doubt. My congratulations!
    I’m sure that you must be feeling very proud of your son. 🙂 Thank you, D. 🙂

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