Joubert’s photographic study of Thendele’s Guineafowl

This afternoon we were relaxing on the veranda of our cottage here at Thendele in the Royal Natal National Park, when a flock of Helmeted Guineafowl came around for a visit, presenting Joubert with an excellent opportunity to practice some close-up bird photography – and with great success I might add!

The clouds also lifted just high enough for a while to provide a clear view of the Amphitheatre!

Drakensberg Amphitheatre seen from Thendele in the Royal Natal National Park, 23 March 2019

50 thoughts on “Joubert’s photographic study of Thendele’s Guineafowl

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  2. naturebackin

    Lovely photos from Joubert of birds that are so quick moving its difficult to capture them. How unusual to see at least one of them actually lying down! Happy for you that the clouds lifted so that you could photograph the beautiful Amphitheatre.


    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      We had a little chuckle watching one of the fowls actually dosing of like an old man in church and then wake up with a flurry once his head hit his chest! Amazing that they’d be so relaxed among humans and with so many raptors about.

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  3. Playamart - Zeebra Designs

    so refreshing!!!! i wish i could be a voyeur into the future and see what the young maestro will do with his life! no matter his choices, he will have a positive impact – most likely in helping preserve what’s left of our natural world!


  4. perdebytjie

    Pragtig Joubert! Ek kan sien jy ontwikkel reeds ‘n oog vir buitengewone foto’s en nie net prentjies van die voΓ«ls nie. Die kopskote is besonders, veral die jong kuiken. Welgedaan!


  5. Beth

    The Amphitheatre is amazing! Wouldn’t you love to live right there?
    I would say your son is becoming a sharp photographer in his own right. What great pictures!
    When I was a girl, my family had ordinary guineafowl (Texas, USA). The hens you have look like ours, but we had no fancy males that I can remember. They are GREAT guards for intruders! Their familiar “par-trek” over and over let us know something was going on.


    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Indeed, Beth – living with the Amphitheatre standing guard above does sound like paradise! And can those Guineafowls ever put up a racket!? Though still, a beautiful part of the African dawn and dusk symphony.

      Thanks as well for the kind comments on Joubert’s photos, as you can imagine we’re rather proud!



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