Garden Commodore

Precis (Junonia) archesia

The Garden Commodore, or Garden Inspector, is a familiar butterfly occurring year round in South Africa, having quite distinctly marked dry season (April to August) and wet season (September to March) variations that could easily be taken to be altogether different species. Females are bigger than the males and at 6cm their wingspan is at least 1cm wider than that of the males. With their wings closed Garden Commodores, especially the dry season form, resemble dead leaves.

As their name suggests, the Garden Inspector is commonly seen in well planted gardens, but their natural habitat is rocky, grass- and savanna-covered hills. They are fast flyers and often land in the open, on bare ground, rocks or pathways. In South Africa they are found from the Eastern Cape, through Kwazulu-Natal into the Lowveld and Bushveld regions of the country.


13 thoughts on “Garden Commodore

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Thanks, Anne! South Africa has such a rich diversity of butterflies and moths, and with “butterfly-watching” becoming a real “thing” again an intriguing aspect to explore!


      1. John

        I´m going to be better. It seems to be a side effect of a medicine. I have also got water in my legs, my feet look like elephant feet!😁😁😁

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