The stork was busy at Imfolozi pre-Christmas

One of the greatest pleasures of visiting our wild places in the summer is seeing the great number of cute new baby mammals that made their recent entrance into the world, and our December visit to Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park certainly had no shortage of cute babies to photograph!

46 thoughts on “The stork was busy at Imfolozi pre-Christmas

  1. colonialist

    Lovely babies! I can’t see little zebras without remembering our recent visit to Stainbank and the zebra foal getting out of sight of the herd and then noticing my daughter’s striped outfit and coming galloping up yelling ‘Mama!’

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      1. naturebackin

        I think the mother-child bond is necessarily strong, and its hard not to concede that animals have emotions in their attachments, even if we cannot properly understand their emotions in their own terms. I agree that many humans don’t want to allow that animals have feelings, but we can surely recognise that they have feelings without fearing we are being sentimental or anthropomorphising??

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      1. Rainsinn

        😊 I love picking up little ones and am pretty sure I would have had a tough time keeping myself away from them. Thanks for sharing these pictures. You just made my day. Am feeling so happy and light. πŸ’ƒπŸ˜Š

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