17 thoughts on “Morning coffee, with a view

      1. naturebackin

        It is a lovely drive. Last time we were there Mphafa Hide waterhole was depressingly empty, so we are looking forward to seeing the restored water levels and vegetation. In contrast to the drought, many years ago when we were visiting, there was a huge storm and a flash flood and we got stuck on the “wrong” side of the stream that became a torrent to Mphafa, which turned into an enormous waterfall over the “cliff”. We were in a sedan car and we were stuck along with a man in a bakkie with a load of live chickens. We were wondering what sort of predators they might attract as darkness fell! Eventually a member of staff came along with a Landrover and a tow rope and towed us across so we could get back to the camp, not to mention some supper!


        1. de Wets Wild Post author

          Seeing the waterfall at Mphafa in full force really is one of my dreams! Getting stuck though, especially with hungry tummies and thirsty throats, would be a tough predicament and I’m glad the staff came through for you!

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      This part of the country really is looking much better than it has for many, many years, Tracy. Not too long ago, on a previous visit, there was hardly a trickle of water in the White Umfolozi River…

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