Even hyenas need a loving family

These tender moments shared by a Spotted Hyena female and her two small cubs, seen on a recent weekend visit to the Mopani region of the Kruger National Park, is another one of the reasons why we keep going back to the Park as often as we can. It also made the four dads in the car really miss their own “cubs” back home…

23 thoughts on “Even hyenas need a loving family

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  2. colonialist

    Great shots.
    Hyenas are fun-loving creatures. Like the one we met in Kruger that came right up to the car and looked cute so as to persuade an occupant to pat him. That, no doubt, would have provided an arm for lunch. (He had the wrong sort of disarming reputation!)


  3. kim blades, writer

    Great photos, hyaenas and cubs are good photographic subjects, and I have a few photos of my own of a mother hyaena and her cubs emerging from drain culverts at the side of the long road to Olifants camp and then playing with them at the roadside or lying down in the sun and relaxing with them. Wonderful memories of my visits to KNP.

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  4. John

    Very good pictures!😊 Hyenas is the animals amazons, it’s the females who rules. They are not so bad as many say, they hunt and is a very good predators who even can fight with lions.

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