Hardworking Wasp

Just to prove that a visit to a game reserve isn’t all about the “hairies and scaries”, one of the most memorable sightings of the trip we took to Marakele National Park last weekend wasn’t of one of the “Big Five” or another large mammal, bird or reptile. Instead, we watched in awe as a wasp carried (sometimes through the air, but mostly along the ground) a large, paralysed caterpillar to a specially prepared tunnel. In there, the wasp’s young can grow to adulthood by feeding on the hapless immature insect.

25 thoughts on “Hardworking Wasp

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  2. John

    What a nice photo series of the wasp brings his victim to his lair. 🙂 Jut insects are something we often forget, most of them make great use, at least those who are out in nature. We have one in the photo club that almost only photograph solitary bees. There are 250 species in Sweden and he can most of them. Then he has been doing it for 20 years …

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