Squatters at the lodgings

From the moment we arrived at chalet 27 in Thendele Camp in the Royal Natal National Park in December, we just loved the unit’s setting. And we were not the only ones, as a pair of Greater Striped Swallows were diligently building their mud-walled nest on the veranda, quite unconcerned about the humans sitting below them and watching them go about the task.


13 thoughts on “Squatters at the lodgings

  1. iAMsafari

    I love the Swallow’s adaptability to artificial environments and remember the many nests underneath the bridge over the estuary at St. Lucia. Great having them in the chalet – better than a snake 😀

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  3. Ladybuggz

    They are quite different looking then our swallows,( I haven’t seen one in years though) they stick to the country side/barns and such , yours also seem a bit bigger, same nest buildings abilities all around but like to dive bomb people! ;0

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  4. vvuureoc

    I saw a pair of these at the P E university that had discovered a heap of plaster and was using this to build their nest. The building maintenance most probably had a nasty suprize when they tried to dismantle it

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Very entertaining, Lois! And we soon realised they must have been at this for quite some time, as our presence on the veranda, right below their nest, did not perturb them at all.



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