A month of monochrome memories: Metro Mahem

The tiny Austin Roberts Memorial Bird Sanctuary is one of the city of Pretoria’s gems, and the reserve’s flock of Grey Crowned Cranes (known as “mahem” in Afrikaans) must be among the most photographed of their species.

Austin Roberts 22112015 (1)

Our end-of-year 2015 holidays were absolutely packed to the brim. Apart from our ten-day visit to the Kruger National Park (read more about our time at Lower Sabie, Olifants and Shingwedzi in December), we also made day trips to five other reserves, and will be sharing photos from those (except Suikerbosrand, which we introduced in a post all of its own) daily through the month of February, in a series we call “a month of monochrome memories”.


26 thoughts on “A month of monochrome memories: Metro Mahem

            1. de Wets Wild Post author

              Loved it, thanks Sylvia!

              Thank goodness I don’t have any such hardship as staying in a lake or septic tank to blame for getting up so early! It’s a nasty habit I learned in school – I’d get up early to study refreshed, instead of staying up late and trying to do it while I was already tired – and it served me so well that I’m still doing it…

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