42 thoughts on “Connected

    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Aw, thanks Jane! Joubert finds as much joy in our country’s wild places as Marilize and I do. We’re blessed that we could introduce him to his natural heritage from a very young age, just as our parents did for us.


      1. Just Another Nature Enthusiast

        Parents’ have a huge impact on how children view nature, I recognize this because I,too, was blessed with a mother and father who loved immersing us in natural history! We did so for our children, and are now beginning with our grand daughter โค As an infant, she brightened whenever we were under the trees… now she is awestruck.
        Thank you for this lovely chat.

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        1. de Wets Wild Post author

          Dit is n groot jammerte Tina. Die “veldskole” wat aangebied is toe ek op skool was, was ook nie regtig meer as semi-militere kampe nie; kinders is nie eintlik n liefde en waardering vir die natuur aangeleer tussen die hindernisbane, badkamers skrop, nagmarse en so aan nie. Ek wonder of skole nogsteeds sulke kampe bywoon?

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          1. rondomtaliedraai

            Vertel jy my! En die leierskampe was eintlik net vir die meer fisiese kinders. Nee jong dis regtig te duur en die kinders is nou so wild. Hier naby ons by SChoemansdal word funksies aangebied en ek was so paar jaar glede was ek by ‘n fietsren wat daar gehou is. Eish een van die redes waarom ek nie kamp nie. Dit het my finaal genees!

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