The (Over) Ambitious Hyena

While exploring Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park just after Christmas, we encountered a spotted hyena in the west of the reserve. In typical hyena fashion she was walking determinedly and at some speed along the road, and so we followed in the hope that we might see her hunt.

Not long after, she picked up a herd of zebra standing in the road ahead, and made a run at them. The tables were quickly turned however, as the dominant stallion of the zebra family sent our over-ambitious hyena running for cover…

(Click on any of the photos to enjoy the sighting with us in a carousel gallery)


25 thoughts on “The (Over) Ambitious Hyena

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Thanks for the very interesting questions!

      Quite right, spotted hyenas live in communities, called “clans”. They often set out on their own from the den site, and then when they find something big enough to share they’ll call in the rest of the clan with their characteristic whooping call. When hunting big game, like zebra, they’ll usually do so in a group. They have a strict matriarchal society, and the dominant female will certainly not tolerate any others challenging her own or her cubs’ status in the clan.

      Even though they’re not “classic beauties” we love hyenas; they always seem so purposeful and deliberate in their actions.

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  2. scrapydotwo

    I can see in my minds eye the hyena hobbling over thinking he’ll scare the zebra and then the encounter with the zebra taking a go back at it .



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