Gone, but not forgotten

Dedicating this post to three of the most magnificent tuskers that roamed the Parks of South Africa and that we had the pleasure of seeing before they departed for heavenly pastures.

Gone, but not forgotten“is the theme for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge



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33 thoughts on “Gone, but not forgotten

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  2. jamespage358

    Lovely shots, so sorry I never got to see Isilo at Tembe. Will just have to enjoy the current batch of tuskers. Thankfully there are some great emerging tuskers as well. You’ve got my vote by the way


    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Thanks very much for the support James!

      I’d love to go back to Tembe to see their up-and-coming tuskers, I just pray that they don’t fall pray to the poaching scourge from across the border in the meantime.


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        1. Ladybuggz

          Oops! I didn’t see any parts so just assumed (ha! ha!) they were female! I had just watched a program on Asian Elephants, all about an old Matriarch,.. so interesting, I wish I was younger and …..oh well.
          I just finished reading about your Black Eagles!, are they as large as our Bald Eagles? Quite a difference in appearance,but still Majestic and beautiful !!


          1. de Wets Wild Post author

            Elephants are such charismatic, intelligent animals, aren’t they? Great subjects for documentary films!

            And as for the black eagles, they’re very similar in size to the bald and golden eagles of North America, making them one of Africa’s three largest eagles, together with the Martial and Crowned eagles. Very powerful and yet wonderfully graceful in flight!


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