Surrounded by splendour at Golden Gate

Few places can compete with the Golden Gate Highlands National Park when it comes to sheer scenic splendour. Visiting the Park is always a pleasure, and our November 2014 visit was no exception. The Park is looking beautiful following the first good spring rains, and walking or driving around, there’s just so much to take in!

Summer is the best time for bird-watching, when the migrants from cooler climes arrive and many male birds are adorned in their breeding plumage. In addition, Golden Gate is home to several rare and endangered species, and we were lucky to encounter some of them.


Of course, a National Park wouldn’t be complete without large mammals, and Golden Gate has its fair share of animals adapted to the climatic extremes of a mountain environment.

It is always rewarding to bend the knees and appreciate the smaller, less obvious, of Golden Gate’s inhabitants.

After seeing Golden Gate looking so lovely, we can hardly wait for our next visit at the end of December!






33 thoughts on “Surrounded by splendour at Golden Gate

  1. Spokie sny spoor

    Jinne, die fotos bly maar ongelooflik! So lekker om die groot dinge maar ook die klein dingetjies in die lewe raak te kan sien … Pragtige fotos.



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