All work and no play…

Not for us, thank you very much!

We’re visiting Golden Gate Highlands National Park again, for business and, come the weekend, pleasure. And of course we’ve already enjoyed an afternoon drive through the Park, taking in the magnificent scenery and plentiful wildlife.

Golden Gate 5 Nov 2014

I was inspired to try some “slow shutter panning shots” of these galloping black wildebeest by Susan Portnoy, The Insatiable Traveler. I’ll have to keep trying to get anywhere close to the awesome results she gets with the technique though. Thanks for the tips Susan!




14 thoughts on “All work and no play…

  1. Spokie sny spoor

    Oehoe! Lekerrr. Ek ken nie die Swartwildebees so goed. Sien hul kom meer in die Vrystaat net voor? Is hul wilder van natuur dan die Blouwildebees?
    Waar kan ek meer lees op hierdie blog omtrent die ‘werk’ wat jul doen Dries. Jul lewe klink so interessant …


    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Hi daar Spokie!

      Jong ja, die swartwildebees is n grasveld dier; mens kry hulle van die Karoo tot in die Hoeveld van die ou Transvaal, en hier op die Vrystaatse vlaktes is hulle in hul element! In ons ondervinding is hulle nogals “wilder” as die blouwildebees, staan nie sommer stil vir n foto nie!

      Sover dit ons beroepe aangaan: Ek werk vir ons Nasionale Parke, en Marilize bedryf haar eie akkommodasie-besprekings besigheid. Ons liefde vir die natuur gaan egter ons werke jare vooruit en ons is bevoorreg om loopbane te kon kry waarin ons dit na hartelus kan uitleef!

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Thanks Joanne! You so seldomly find a black wildebeest that will stand still for a photo so this technique actually seems made for them; at least you can get a picture showing their natural instinct of running away the moment a human appears 😀

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