Sometimes, people get up to some really dumb antics when “confronted” with nature.

This crowd of men, women and (most shockingly) children, for example, have trapped something against this building in the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve. What is it, you may ask? Well, only an extremely dangerous Mozambique Spitting Cobra (no, I wasn’t going to try and get close enough to a cornered venomous snake to take a picture 🙂 )


And these people seem not to realise that this elephant bull could, if he was so inclined, easily reach any of them inside the Mankwe Hide in the Pilanesberg National Park


Humanity” is this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge theme.



40 thoughts on “Humanity…

      1. Beauty Along the Road

        By natural selection – the ones who had sense, survived; but it appears that some of the common sense genes didn’t get passed on….maybe people felt safe getting so close to the cobra because there were so many humans and only one would get bitten? Nah….

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  1. perdebytjie

    Mense leef in ‘n kokon,weggeneem uit die natuur.Daarom besef ons nie meer hoe gevaarlik dit daarbuite is nie.Mens sien al meer en meer sulke gevalle,waar toeriste na olifante toe stap of op motors se dakke klim om leeus af te neem.Dis ook deels hierdie mavericks op tv wat allerhande woeste goed met diere aanvang,se skuld.


  2. Tina Schell

    When I saw your name I wondered what you’d come up with because your blog is so centered on the wild. So of course you did a great job combining the wild with the people and an important message. Well done!


    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      That’s the problem with feeding wildlife Cynthia, the more they’re fed the more dangerous they become. They then expect handouts from every passer-by, and often times the people that get attacked are those do not want to feed the animal.


    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Knowingly allowing your kids to approach to within a few feet of a deadly venom-spitting snake is beyond comprehension. That the crowd were all still unharmed after the snake was caught by a trained specialist says more about the cobra’s tolerance than the humans’ bravery…

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