On the Move!

During our recent Easter visit to the Giant’s Castle Game Reserve in the Drakensberg we encountered numerous black-backed jackals, and most of them turned and made a run for it the moment they realised they were spotted.

On the move 1

On the move 2

On the Move” is the theme for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge


24 thoughts on “On the Move!

    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      The little jackal didn’t seem to pay any attention to the speed limit, Nina! I was very happy to get a picture of it passing the sign, I thought it was quite funny how he ran straight past it at full speed.

      Welcome to de Wets Wild, Nina!


  1. sustainabilitea

    Love those photos. I see M.R. put you in touch with our younger daughter’s website. If you happen to like on of her hyena drawings, I know she’d quote you a good price (with shipping and handling.) 🙂



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      1. M-R

        A young lass who’s an art student, and whose blog I follow, has an absolute passion for hyenas. I don’t think she cares which kind – she loves ’em all. AND draws ’em ! 🙂


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