The Centenary Centre, opened in 1995, commemorates a hundred years of conservation in the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park, and celebrates especially the inspiring success story of how the Natal Parks Board saved the southern white rhinoceros from the brink of extinction in the early twentieth century. Whenever we visit the Park, we’re sure to set aside an hour or two to appreciate the educational displays, have a snack from the little kiosk and stroll through the curio stalls where crafters from the surrounding community trade their arts.

Monument” is the theme for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge


21 thoughts on “Monument

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  3. jamespage358

    A great reminder of Hluhluwe-Imfolozi. Looking forward to going back there for three nights in early June on our way to Sodwana Bay.
    Our memory of Centenary Centre from last year was a bull elephant between the entrance and the craft centre, very relaxed and less than three metres from us.


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  6. kanzensakura

    Thank you. This is truly an excellent post. And the photos of Golden Gates….I really want to win the lottery in the worst way so I can visit. How beautiful and magnificent.



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