Blyde Canyon – Swadini (19/02/2014)

Today we moved westwards, out of the Kruger National Park and into the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve in the Drakensberg mountain range, on the border of the Limpopo and Mpumalanga Provinces. While exploring this scenic area we’ll be basing ourselves at the Forever Swadini Resort, located at the foot of a spectacular rock face.

Swadini 19Feb14


22 thoughts on “Blyde Canyon – Swadini (19/02/2014)

  1. peterjearle

    Had the fortune to visit in 1966 before any fences or infrastructure. Got stuck climbing a cliff, under an overhang. Waited hours, fingers slipping from sweat, while pals drove around to find the top above me and rescued me by lowering a rope manufactured from bits of steel wire found in an old construction site! Unforgettable.


    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      What a thrilling story Peter! Glad your friends could save you so that you could share the tale with us today. Thank you for that! It certainly gives a different perspective to an area so richly beautiful.



    Love the Canyon! We did some running sessions near the Blyde River Wilderness lodge while having great views of this rock in the meantime. Unforgettable. Happy to be online again btw, took us a while to get Wifi in our Oz treehouse.



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