World Wetlands Day 2014

The 2nd of February is World Wetlands Day and the theme this year is “Wetlands & Agriculture: Partners for Growth“.

Last year, we visited the Karkloof Conservation Centre, a prime South African example of how agriculture need not be in conflict with the conservation of threatened habitats and endangered species.

de Wets Wild

The Karkloof has a long and rich history. Having once been on the main wagon trail linking Natal and the old Transvaal it is named for an overturned ox-wagon that became a landmark along the route in the mid-1800’s.

In modern times, local farmers, foresters and other landowners have joined hands to manage this beautiful piece of land in harmony with nature, establishing the Karkloof Conservancy in 1998.The conservancy covers an area of 40,000 hectares and protects wetlands, grasslands and natural forests and all manner of associated wildlife, including all three of South Africa’s endangered crane species, among a patchwork of scenic farmlands and plantations.

The farmers here pride themselves on their environmentally friendly farming practices and, realising the need for and value in greater public awareness of the work of the Karkloof Conservancy, a centre dedicated to the message of conservation, education and tourism was created and officially opened…

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